by Treasure The Moment

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Debut release from Northwest England groove influenced band, 'Treasure The Moment'.


released December 2, 2013

Callin McLinden - Vocals
Casey Ramsden - Guitars
Danny Woodhouse - Bass
Nick Midmore - Drums

The Equilibrium EP in its entirety was recorded, mixed & mastered by Erik Bickerstaffe at Paralysis Studios.



all rights reserved


Treasure The Moment England, UK

treasure the moment are a 5-piece groovecore band from the northwest england, uk.

"IMPETUS" available now. ++

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Track Name: Storm
Here comes our reign
Track Name: Colossus (feat. Jesse Cash of Erra)
In its the paradigm
Of life, we understand hope
Yet show no remorse
Keep still let nature run its course

Breathe in life
And all that it gives us
Natural design
And fruitful existence

Shun out all of the negatives
Out there is all that is best
Only you can experience
The world to its acquired taste
Its individual, its individual

Wept at the scorn of an ill informed race
Shame doesn't begin to cover the pain

I am built
Into what i
am right now
Am in this world
No void in hope

All i am
All i have
Means no
sanction in
Unforgiving diameter

Breathe all in
in flourish
of a life
in the planet we call earth

Life gives us
And we learn
In a beat
That we can forsee


I will be colossus

Structures, underlay
Blueprints for beauty
Substantional expertise
Perfect for entity
Dispense worsened thoughts
When viewing a design
Piece by piece encouraging respect for such a thing
I still fail to recognise why this happens
I am at a miss reasons i cannot comprehend
Dispense worsened thoughts
Maintain what we were taught
Make this my lives goal
To protect that with no hope

Promise this i'll never be alone
Stray from this, Peace; a miss
Sustained to exist in this world
With the streets people live

This brittle, frail expected instance
The planet is at its knees
Masses destroy and expect condolence
What is silence if no ones around

Nature's at its fucking knees
Pleading that you no longer proceed
I am wondering
Why humanity would do such a thing

Exponential concern
For a dying world and entity
Horizons shattered
at the hands of a man and greed induced pigs

Into nothing
Nothing will come of this

Just look to the oceans
And see the damage
We are causing

Breathe in
Fresh faced
To feel alive

Breathe all in
in flourish
of a life
Purely to make a difference

These tired eyes
Sick to death of this destructive race
Beauty desecrated
for what cause?

And i feel alone
In trying to preserve this
home in which we live
To procreate

These tired eyes
Face the world
Tarnished at the hands of mankind
I will make
It my lives work to save us
Track Name: Conclude
Rewind time
Back to a simpler state of mind
Where nothing mattered
And society did not give a fuck

Why should i find a state of mind
That fits in with a certain regime
Why should anyone have to comply
To anyone but themselves
Look at yourself
In the mirror, mirror

I am on my own
I will not comply to anything, to anything
I am on my own
I will not comply to anything

Should i bother
Into an ideal
When the only ideal is my own

If i was standing on the edge of the world
Would anyone bother to save me
If not then why should i bother making promises

Rewind time
Simpler state of mind
Where nothing mattered
And i'd be my own

Be your own person

Make yourself you
The clothes you wear
It doesn't matter
As long as its true to yourself
True to yourself
Make yourself unique, unique
What is the point of living another mans life
Another mans life

Look at your own reflection
What do you see
Do you see yourself
Or do you see somebody else

It takes nothing to be a common man
Track Name: Villain (feat. Kadeem & Erik of Our Imbalance)
Incessant lying behind my back
Cheating & whining your way through life
This is not how a true man carves his path
Not how anyone's supposed to act

My life is not to be reckoned with
A sly dig is all you ever hit me with

Your poor bullshit almost runs straight through my veins
I swear to my fucking self
Life will make you pay
You backstabbing, conniving waste of a life
Have fun living a lie
Because you're nothing in my eyes

The smug sense of satisfaction
Will give you nothing but hate
Lie to my face again
You fucking fuck
And witness the shit that you'll create

We will fuck you up

How far fetched do you have to be
To even think about turning your back on me
Forget about what we used to have
Because its gone to shit complete fucking suicide
How god damn sadist are you gonna be
Constant acts of negativity
Get this through your conceited skull
Take a trip down to earth and see that you're so full
Of yourself
Full of yourself

Honesty just seems to pass you by
Deceiver of the highest kind

Uncomfortable in your own life
Given many a chances on other times
You will never rebuild no matter how hard you try
Watch your mouth and get your own mind

Falsifier, a fake
Watch your mouth or you'll become disgraced x4

Listen up because this will only be exclaimed just once
Getting sick and tired of a constant dig at us
Every criminal has his day and your day has come
You fucking villain
Track Name: Fidelity
Hold on my love
Our lives await
For us together
Exist in time and space
Forever and ever
As one we contribute
To each others love
Hold on, hold on
Runs through our veins

Shunned out the bleak
From the outside i am a better man for it
You came to me
Turned the worst of days to the happiest

Hope and passionate

Intertwined as one
Synced to perfection
I stride to bring you the best
As your beauty overpowers lust
Good times and the grim
Throughout them we say
What love weakens anyway

I am saved
I am loved
Have you ever felt like this before

Ascension through the path
Discovering graciousness felt again
Heartfelt from the lungs
My life is now yours

Understanding this love
Still at an uneven path, yeah
But i know one thing for certain
That theres no one i'd rather be by

I am saved
We are as one

I am loved
I am saved
From the abyss that is my mind
Connected we are in sync
And my life will find
Nothing but us

What falls dispassionate to our heart
Crushed and buried i will never start
With you at my side i will never feel
Alone in this world and this ordeal